Just to be clear, we would have preferred Jimmy Saville

Jimmy Saville

In the past hours some friends and aquaintances have been complimenting myself, my family, my friends as Argentinians and Italians. Apparently we should be proud the the current pope is Italo-Argentinian.

Well, I can say I am not, and I don't know anyone in my family or amongst my Argentinian friends who is.

José Mario Bergoglio does have a history that is too opaque and there is strong evidence that in too many moments there was heavy collusion - both of the Argentinian church and of himself personally, with the junta (fascist govenrment). 

The collusion, at different levels, of the Church with dictatorships in South America and across the world is well known and is nothing new. So I am by no means surprised of the accusation against him.

On this specific instance, most of the literature is in Spanish, as your countries have been supporting the Argentinian dictatorship and have shown little interest in the processes of de-fascistation that are in progress in South America. You cannot really read much about it, and when you read about it in the newspapers (whether it's the Guardian or the Independent, Repubblia or Il Fatto Quotidiano) the coverage has the heavy limitations that stem from a lack of both research and understanding of South America.

As part of the process of de-fascistation in Argentina the supporting role of the Church hierarchy for our fascist government has been research by academics and journalists, and heavily featured in the South American media. 

Let me use some of the words of the Argentinian episcopate:

"In no way we want to put ourselves in a position of critique of the government's actions" as "a fall [of the government] would very likely lead us to marxism", so "we stand by the current process of re-organisation of the country" (=anything between 9,000 and 30,000 deaths). The document also expresses the "comprehension, adhesion and acceptation" of this process "spearheaded by the Army".

I would have preferred, as a pope, someone with a higher moral integrity. Someone as Jimmy Saville, if he was still alive or Silvio Berlusconi.

I don't need to know anything else to judge him as man, but I am not unfamiliar with Pastor Æternus. Let's just not forget that is applies to Pope Franciscus I - not to José Mario Bergoglio.


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