Jose' Baravalle is dead

Dear friends,
my father, Jose' Baravalle, committed suicide this Wednesday, after being yet again accused of the very crimes that he has been fighting during his whole life.

My mother and my father, both antifascist militants in the 70s in Argentina, have been accused of having broken down during torture, and to have caused the death of other persons "directly or indirectly". My mother is now in jail in Italy, facing extradition - with an accusation that does not specify persons nor dates.  My father wouldn't bare to be put on the same side of the fascist criminals that he has been opposing and fighting for more then 3 decades, in Argentina and in Italy.

This is the letter my father left (translated from Spanish):

I don't know what they think I know. This story will never finish. I'm deeply sorry, but I think that this is the only way to finish it.

What happened to my love makes no sense. It's terrible to make the
victims look like the butchers.

Someone will be happy, the ones that really are guilty.

I hope I'll be the one last victim of such barbarity.

To my sons, I love you and I hope that you'll always keep being as you
are. My only fault was that I haven't been able to stand torture.

Where's the human limit?

To my friends and my relatives, I ask you to for forgive me, I have already been through this and I have been absolved, I'm leaving to not have to face it again.

I'm leaving because this has to finish.


Saluti antifascisti / antifascist greetings,



Jose' a Rosazza