That's funny

Andres Baravalle su Google

I was expecting that my OU students would have been googling for me. It's quite sensible to have an idea of who's teaching you - and with google it takes just a couple of minutes.

Of course I didn't expect my Italian web site to be "hidden" - but I wasn't really thinking that someone would have been looking at these pages. I tought that the language would have stopped any in-depth search, but apparently (as far as I can read in the conferences) I was very mistaken...

My web site in English ( is far more official. On the other hand, it does not have pages on tentative cocktails, football games in the garden, political activism, peculiar book preferences, trash culture, very personal recipes and creepy clubs... All in all I suppose this web site si far more interesting than the one in English...

That said, as you might have seen in google:

  • I use CentOS (on my servers) and (in the past months) Ubuntu (on my office computer). Earlier on I have been using Fedora
  • I have developed phpGrabComics
  • I have been working a long while on shopping comparison. With Vita I have developed most of the code of and The code was (possibly it still is - no idea) used in many of the Italian shopping comparison web sites
  • I love Drupal, and I have developed several web sites on Drupal (mostly political, some NGOs - no links here...)
  • I have been working in Sheffield for two years and I did my Ph.D. in Turin
  • My research topics are web usability and Free Software 
  • I love PHP
I hope you can have some fun Risata